Ellicott pocket watches were most prized by high-ranking nobility and monarchs. They all appreciated the high quality level of these masterpieces. Today, Ellicott pocket watches are exceptional showpieces significant to the public and to collectors. 

The Ellicott watchmaking dynasty began in 1687 in London, when one John Ellicott was apprenticed to the watchmaker John Waters. John Ellicott did exceptionally well, and today he is credited with the invention of the world's very first centre seconds hand. 

The preeminence of the Ellicott name and brands was further accentuated by the second generation. Following in his father's footsteps, John Ellicott II learned the watchmaker's trade. His talents were such that, by 1738, he was elected Fellow of the Royal Society. 

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John Ellicott II's numerous accomplishments included the design and construction of public clocks, such as the one at London Hospital. He perfected the cylinder escapement and adapted his innovation to his own use. John Ellicott II also devised an ingenious compensation pendulum. He was held in high esteem by his peers, and was appointed Watchmaker to King George III. 

In his day, John Ellicott II's timepieces were prized in royal and aristocratic circles for their truly exceptional quality. Embodying the finest values of English horology, his pocket watches continue to fascinate experts and the public alike, and remain rare and treasured prizes for the most discerning collectors.